3 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Stand Out

Granite and Quartz Installations Manchester, 3 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Stand Out

Where kitchens of the past placed function over form, today’s kitchens are very much the focal point of the modern home. They represent much more than a place for preparing food. These days, kitchens are used as much for entertaining, living and relaxing as they are for cooking. Here are three ways to make your kitchen stand out and transform the centrepiece of your home into a space that is both functional, and beautiful.

1.) Update your cabinets with a splash of colour or a darker wood.

Although an all-white or light kitchen will certainly remain a classic look, many homeowners are opting to transform their cabinets into accent pieces by selecting a bolder colour palette. Dark, deep shades of blue and green can add a dramatic flare to the room and instantly enhance the space. This is a relatively simple way to create a rich, luxurious atmosphere and bring your kitchen into 2019.

2.) Incorporate a multi-functional kitchen island.

Kitchen islands serve a number of different purposes from both a practical and design perspective. Not only can they be fitted with storage solutions, under the counter appliances and bar seating to remove clutter and increase wall space; the kitchen island provides the perfect opportunity to create an impact. As the focal point of the room, pay attention to the design and quality of the worktop to maximise the effect.

3.) Update your backsplash and worktops

Nothing quite makes a statement like a high end worktop. Both quartz and granite worktops represent durable, long lasting and versatile options that will immediately elevate any kitchen and create a sense of refined luxury that really makes a statement.If you need any advice on selecting a high quality worktop, feel free to contact Granite Installations UK to speak to one of our team. We’d be more than happy to answer any of your questions and ensure you choose the perfect worktop for your kitchen.

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