Are quartz bathroom counters easy to maintain?

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When it comes to choosing a bathroom countertop, your decision should be based on more than its design. With your bathroom being one of the most frequented rooms in the home you will want to ensure your countertops require minimal maintenance. For this reason, Quartz is often seen as one of the most attractive material choices for both bathroom and kitchen countertops.

Everyone wants a clean bathroom and with a quartz countertop, cleaning couldn’t be easier. Quartz is a non-porous stone which means unlike other materials such as granite and marble, you needn’t worry about stains from toothpaste or high pigmented shower gels. It also means that your countertop is a lot more hygienic as the surface does not allow bacteria to grow, making it the perfect fit for any bathroom.

Most Quartz manufacturers recommend a regular wipe down with a nonabrasive surface cleaner (always test a small patch beforehand) and a soft cloth to ensure your countertop remains clean and looking brand new. However, your bathroom may be home to harsh chemical products such as nail polish remover or drain unblocker. If these products are accidentally spilled onto your bathroom counter, they may start to break down the bond between the top layer of resin/polymers and quartz. But again, a simple wipe down with water and if you wish a gentle surface cleanser will prevent this from happening.

Quartz is arguably one of the most durable stones which is why they make the perfect countertop. That being said, in order to ensure your counter remains easy to maintain you will want to take some precautions. Despite Quartz scoring 7 on the Moh’s Hardness Scale which makes it both heat and scorch resistant, the resin used to manufacturer your bathroom counter is a plastic. This means any heat above 300 degrees will begin to disintegrate the bond between the quartz and resin, irreparably damaging your counter. Sudden changes in temperature can cause the Quartz to crack which is why high heat appliances used in the bathroom such as hair straighteners or curling wands must be placed on heat resistant mats- often sold with the product.Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can also be an issue for quartz, particularly darker coloured designs. This is not so much of an issue in the UK as on average British homes tend to experience significantly less continuous sunny days than other parts of the world. Plus, most homes have at least double-glazed windows which glass attenuates harmful UV rays enough to prevent your quartz countertop from fading. It is therefore advisable to be mindful of the placement of your countertop in relation to extreme direct sunlight and seek advice from the manufacturer.

Quartz countertops are not only contemporary and beautiful with the ability to be manufactured into a range of designs and colours to suit your specifications, but they are also a practical choice. It is undeniable that quartz is one of the most easily maintainable choice of counter for any bathroom, but it is always advisable to check with your quartz manufacturer for their specific maintenance recommendations.

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