Finding the right colours for your kitchen

Granite and Quartz Installations Manchester, Finding the right colours for your kitchen

When you’re in the process of rethinking your kitchen, it’s important to opt for colours that will inspire you and help you create a fantastic environment for cooking in, with many people choosing bright tones and warm neutrals. Read on to learn more about selecting the best colours for your kitchen.

What do the experts say?

Interior design experts tell us to pick colours that promote hunger, which rules out cool and dark colours. Nonetheless, many people have been able to create spectacular spaces by opting for colours like blue and black, which means your own personal taste may be the primary factor in creating a great kitchen that works for you. Black is a powerful colour known for its timeless appeal and can work extremely well when contrasted with stainless steel in particular.

Red, brown, white and yellow

Red is regarded as the best colour for heightening appetites, which explained why it is present in so many eateries, including cafés and restaurants. It can be paired up with dark colours to exceptional effect, with many kitchen owners opting for a red-grey colour scheme. Brown is a neutral colour that can work with a host of other colours, including dark green and red in particular. White is ideal for those wishing to add energy to a space and can make your kitchen appear fresher and cleaner. Whilst many choose to pair white with more powerful colours, white-on-white can also be an excellent choice for your kitchen. Yellow is a great match for those in need of more ambient light and is particularly effective at reflecting it.

Seeking granite worktops?

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