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In the past year, we have spent more time at home than ever before and as a result many of us are now considering how we can make improvements. For most, home improvements start with the heart of the home, the kitchen. Whether you are simply looking to refresh your kitchen walls or want an entirely new look, the best kitchen design balances your colour scheme, cabinets, worktops, appliances, and layout. In 2021 kitchens must be functional, practical, aesthetically pleasing and above all, modern. Here we will be exploring five modern changes that can help you to create a new kitchen that you will love spending time in.

Kitchen Islands

In the last decade kitchen islands have dramatically  increased in popularity, becoming not only a beautiful addition but the staple of a modern kitchen. Kitchen islands are multifunctional, offering families a space to cook, dine, work, and spend time together. In 2021 the modern kitchen demands more than ever, and a well-designed kitchen island can meet every requirement. Whether you are looking for quartz, granite, marble, or anything in between, having a durable kitchen island will offer you everything you need and more to meet busy modern-day requirements.

Stylish Sinks

A sink may appear to be a solely functional part of the kitchen but in 2021 it can be so much more. This year we are moving beyond the typical ceramic or stainless-steel basins and instead installing stunning marble, granite and concrete basins paired with stunning taps and detailed edges. Sinks can now accentuate a space with stylish taps from sleek matt black to gold chrome, you can modernise every inch of your kitchen. The right sink can completely transform your space making it more than a place to wash dishes and instead creating a unique focal point.

Hidden Kitchen

The modern kitchen is all about concealing the classic working elements to create a space that can be more than just for cooking. The idea of having a hidden away pantry has always been popular but now the idea has moved to include every element of the kitchen.

The hidden kitchen is one of the biggest trends in modern kitchen aesthetics as we all crave open plan spaces where the kitchen can become a hub for family and friends. This style of kitchen looks like living furniture, hiding all the classic elements of a kitchen behind doors which can slide on a track or be part of a pocket design that slides into another area to save floor space. This modern kitchen is one that functions as a kitchen but aesthetically can be likened to a lounge or dining space.


After 2020, ensuring that our homes are kept as clean and hygienic as possible has become a big priority. Choosing hygienic, easy to clean materials for your kitchen is increasing in popularity this year. As such, ease of cleaning is a major selling point which has pushed forward the trend of handless kitchens that create a sleek, streamlined feel as well as matt lacquer finishes which offer anti fingerprint properties. You will also find that there are some work surface options that are able to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria within a 24-hour period. Whilst in the past it was sinks and taps on the frontline of keeping your kitchen clean, in 2021 consumers are looking for more innovative and hygienic features to make keeping your home clean as simple as possible.

The Marble Effect

Mable has always been synonymous with luxury and it is a trend that has transcended time. If you are to make any change to modernise your kitchen, it could be argued that a strong marble effect statement piece is the best choice. Both granite and quartz countertops are the most cost efficient and versatile materials that can perfectly mimic the natural appearance of marble. Whether you have a large or small kitchen, you can create a countertop with the beautiful natural marble veining without the difficult maintenance or expense.

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