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Granite has been used as a luxurious building material throughout history, noted for its beauty and strength. As far back as Ancient Egypt, we can find granite being used as both a decorative addition and as a building material. The same characteristics of this mineral loved throughout the ages have transcended time and have continued to be popular in modern society. The durability, versatility, stain and heat resistance combined with its distinct natural beauty has made granite the gold standard for not only countertops but so much more.

As such, granite can not only be seen as one of the most popular materials for kitchen and bathroom countertops in homes across the globe but is also widely used in industries globally. These same characteristics that homeowners love make it a great material to be used in various settings. In this article, we will be exploring some of the key global industries that also benefit from the use of granite.

Bars and Restaurants

Just as granite is widely popular in residential kitchens, it is just as popular in restaurant kitchens and bars. Within restaurant kitchens, granite countertops are widely used for their low maintenance and durability in a fast-paced and intense environment. Commercial kitchens require countertops that can bear the load of heavy-duty equipment, extreme heat and be scratch resistant to knives and heavy traffic. Granite is ideal for dealing with the daily activities of a busy commercial kitchen without showing signs of wear and tear.

Granite countertops are also widely used throughout the bar, pub and restaurant industry as commercial bartops to serve customers and allow them a durable, stain and still resistant place to sit with their drinks. Granite is the perfect material for hospitality industries where there is regular heavy traffic and the potential for spillages.


Granite is an equally popular choice of material in the hotel industry, with this beautiful and luxurious stone being used as both a practical and decorative addition. Many hotels that have opted for a more traditional and regal theme use granite to create grand staircases and mantelpieces to reflect this. It is also widely used to create a fine-dining atmosphere, used to finish flooring, walls and even hotel restaurant countertops.

Hotels have an extremely high footfall, so granite is the perfect choice for their kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, floors and walls. It is an investment that will last and keep their establishment looking great for years to come.


The construction industry is renowned for its regular use of granite in a wide range of projects. Due to its durability and hard-wearing nature, granite can be used as a structural and decorative element to provide buildings with a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. It is also regularly used in street curbs instead of concrete to increase their longevity and durability whilst enhancing their appearance. Granite can also be crushed and used as a great base material in construction for building foundations, paving slabs, roads and more. The uses of such a versatile mineral in the modern construction industry are invaluable.

Shopping Centres

With thousands of visitors each day, shopping centres naturally require flooring that is durable, resistant, low maintenance and looks good year after year. Whilst there are many different options available, granite has become increasingly popular, noted for its longevity, durability and aesthetic benefits. Granite is extremely easy to clean and can easily bear the weight of heavy-duty cleaning equipment at the end of each day alongside the heavy daily footfall. It is one of the most versatile options as it can be manufactured into various shapes, colours and finishes to create a luxurious and inviting atmosphere for the public.

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