How to remove scratches from Granite Worktops

Granite and Quartz Installations Manchester, How to remove scratches from Granite Worktops

Granite has a Mohs hardness rating of 7 meaning it is extremely durable and resistant to being scratched or damaged. However, although it is extremely difficult to scratch the surface of a granite worktop, it is not impossible and when this does happen it can ruin the overall aesthetic of your counter.It may be as a result of repeated exposure to cutting food on the surface with a knife or even setting down your keys in the same place, regardless of how it happened, you’ll want to remove it.

Give Soapy Water A Go

There are several ways you can approach removing a scratch, starting with one of the least abrasive and gentler options of soapy water. Using warm, soapy water and soft cloth you can apply some pressure to the scratch and scrub for a few minutes. You may find that if a scratch is quite small and shallow it will disappear quite quickly.

Step up with Steel Wool

If, however you find that this method is not working and is simply cleaning the worktop, you may want to use steel wool. Grade 0000 steel wool pads which use the finest and highest quality metal strands can be used when your surface is still damp. By buffing the surface in circular motions, you may find the scratch begins to fade if not disappear entirely. Be careful not to use any coarser grades of steel wool as you may find that it further damages your granite worktop or even cause some discolouration.

A Deeper scratch: Sanding Pad Method

If neither of these methods prove useful, the next advisable step would be to use a diamond sanding pad. These can be found online or in local hardware stores and are relatively inexpensive. There is however a risk to this approach, and you could cause further scratching to the surface because of the hardness of the diamond. On the Mohs hardness scale, diamond is rated as a 10, making it the hardest mineral known to man. As such you’ll be best to start with a 100-grit pad and to gently scrub your granite worktop with light pressure, ensuring that surface remains wet. Continue to increase grit and repeat the process until you begin to see the desired results.

Leave it to the professionals

As mentioned, removing a scratch yourself can often cause more damage if you aren’t careful which is why hiring a professional may be the most effective and cost-efficient solution. A granite specialist will possess specific skills and knowledge of how best to repair the worktop without making the scratch worse. In hiring a professional from the offset, it may reduce the overall repair expense because it will avoid them having to repair any extra damage that may have incurred as a result of your efforts.At Granite & Quartz Installations we offer nationwide fittings along with a lifetime guarantee so that any scratches, chips or imperfections will be handled by our specialist installation team. To find out more about our granite worktops and receive a quote for your upcoming project get in touch with us at

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