How kitchens evolved to become the heart of a home

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We all dream about having a large and luxurious bathroom.But with the average one in a UK home measuring around 8ft by 6ft, available space can feel restricted.It is easy for a bathroom to feel cramped and cluttered.However with simple décor and design alterations, yours can be transformed. Here we share our top design tips on how you can make a small bathroom feel much more spacious.

Brighten your space

Small bathrooms are often accompanied by windows that are similarly so, letting in less light which in turn makes the space seem more restricted.A simple way to counter this is to paint the walls a lighter, and neutral, colour whether that be white, a pastel shade or beige.That will help reflect light that enters your bathroom, opening the space for you to decorate.

Walk-in showers

The average bath size is 1,700mm by 700mm, and takes up around a quarter of available space in a bathroom.As a result, many people are considering a walk-in shower as a luxurious, modern and, most importantly, economical option.It is a sleek and stylish solution and, when combined with sliding clear glass panels, the room will instantly open up.

Modern countertops

Granite and Quartz Installations supply and fit countertops that can have a significant visual impact on a bathroom’s design.It is an area of the room that becomes a focal point, particularly in smaller spaces.These modern countertops, combined with a light colour décor, contribute to making a smaller bathroom feel bigger.Both granite and quartz can be manufactured to match perfectly your preferred colour scheme irrespective of the shade or texture.Once sealed, the glossy surface reflects incoming light.


Mirrors are an effective way to add depth and dimension to any space - the bigger, the better!A large one placed in front of the bathroom sink will not only reflect light entering the room, but it also highlights colours there.Any surfaces, including glossy countertops, that bounce back either natural or artificial light deflected by a large mirror will illuminate better your space.


We are all guilty of cluttering our bathrooms, whether that be with cosmetics strewn across a counter or littering a shower floor with a range of gels, shampoos and conditioners.Storage is a simple and effective counter, and can change a perception of available space.Smart solutions can include installing bathroom cabinets, over or under a sink basin, to store any cosmetics usually left resting nearby.Floating shelves are also a good space-saving solution for smaller bathrooms because they don’t take up floor space and instead make effective use of other areas.If you are considering whether to install a modern countertop as part of a project to create a more spacious and contemporary feel to your bathroom, then look no further than Granite & Quartz Installations.Get in touch with our team today at to find out more, or request a quote for the work.

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