How we use offcuts of granite and quartz

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You will likely have heard of the term 'offcut' as it is often used to describe a piece of waste material left behind after cutting a larger piece. For those renovating their homes on a budget, offcuts can be a great way of saving money and saving materials from going to waste. Whether you are looking to create a stunning new granite focal point in your kitchen or modernise your bathroom space with quartz, offcuts can help you transform your space without costing the earth.

What are granite and quartz offcuts?

Granite and quartz are some of the most sought after materials for creating stunning countertops for kitchens and bathrooms. The process that is involved in manufacturing these natural stones into a worktop is exceptionally complicated and arduous. From locating the natural stone to mining, excavating, drilling, cutting, polishing and sealing, it is a long process from start to finish.

Towards the latter end of this process, the granite and quartz are cut to size for the customer, which is how offcuts are created. These smaller parts of the slab are cut away, but instead of being discarded, they are kept as offcuts. These extra pieces can then be used to create new and exciting works to decorate the home.

How do we use offcuts?

Due to these offcut pieces being leftovers from granite or quartz slabs, they are offered to customers at a discounted rate. The shapes and sizes of these offcuts can vary drastically, making them difficult to use as a worktop but perfect for other projects.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to natural stone, with some customers choosing to piece offcut slabs together to create a unique backsplash or fireplace hearth. Offcut slabs can also be used to create irregular shaped coffee tables or consoles as a statement piece in the home. Sometimes for cohesive décor, granite offcuts from kitchen worktops that customers have just had installed will be used as cutting boards, placemats or coasters.

These natural stones are so incredibly versatile that they can also be used outdoors too. Offcuts can come in various sizes, which means it's easy to put together uniquely coloured and patterned mosaic flooring outdoors. Granite and quartz can be used in almost any project!

How to choose a granite offcut

At Granite & Quartz Installations, we have a beautiful range of natural stone granite and quartz offcuts that each have their own unique veining, colours and patterns. With such a gorgeous range of offcuts to choose from, it can be difficult to settle on one style, so it is essential to know how exactly you intend to use your offcut and decide which would fit into your overall design. Offcuts can accentuate your space or be used as a statement piece, but whatever you are looking for, our team is more than happy to help you find suitable materials for your project.

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