Is it time to modify the kitchen?

Granite and Quartz Installations Manchester, Is it time to modify the kitchen

The events of the past couple of months have resulted in us all staying indoors.

As a result, we've had more time to indulge in baking, perfecting our favourite recipes or cooking new and exciting dishes. The kitchen has always been at the heart of a home, but now more than ever it has become an integral part of daily living. It brings us together, and allows families to maintain a sense of normality during a troubling time.

However, with so much time being spent there, you might begin to take stock of your space and consider how happy you are with it.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that your appliances aren’t working as efficiently as they once did, or maybe the kitchen units have seen better days.  With the average person in the UK spending three years of their lives in the kitchen, it is undoubtedly worth investing in.

So, you’ve decided its time to change up your kitchen to reflect your home’s aesthetic better as well as meet your family’s requirements.

Here, we explore the best ways you can change your kitchen in 2020

Where do you start?

If money is no object, then the possibilities are endless.

But most households in the UK, in the short term at least, more likely to be careful how much they spend.

Luckily, there are some minimal changes and upgrades that can be made to your kitchen that can completely transform the space without breaking the bank.

Granite and quartz countertops

Installing new granite or quartz countertop is arguably one of the best and most luxurious ways to transform the look and feel of a kitchen without paying for a complete refit.

A countertop is the often most high-traffic surface in a home and therefore needs to be durable if it is to last.

A granite or quartz countertop is an ideal investment because it is hard-wearing.

That means, unlike laminate counters, you won’t have to worry about them being damaged or stained.

Whether you choose to install a kitchen island or new countertops, granite or quartz will last for years without looking worn or outdated.


Updated kitchen cabinets

One of the first signs of an outdated kitchen are the cabinets.

While orange oak might have been the must-have aesthetic in the 1990’s, they don’t quite make the cut now.

Whether you prefer solid wood, or an ultra-modern matte or glossy finish, changing cabinets is another way to update and renew your space.


Retile splashbacks or walls

New wall tiles are another cost-effective way of updating your kitchen.

You can easily create a stunning statement piece above your existing countertops with a contemporary herringbone pattern or perhaps a minimalist subway tile pattern.



A new lick of paint could be an ideal way to give your kitchen a new lease of life.

If you have a smaller room, patterned walls can create the illusion of your space being cluttered.

By painting walls a lighter shade or with a brighter colour, you encourage light to bounce off the surfaces and make your kitchen feel much more modern and spacious.


Upgrade your appliances

Your appliances may be looking a little outdated, so why not revamp your kitchen with either stainless steel or white appliances?

Stainless steel models tend to cost more, but if you are looking to create an ultra-modern feel in your kitchen they are the perfect choice.

Conversely, white kitchen appliances will not set you back as much and can be appropriate if you are looking to create a traditional aesthetic.


If you are interested in revamping your kitchen, why not consider installing new and luxurious granite or quartz countertops?

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