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Your bathroom countertop is an area of your home you wouldn’t necessarily think of as needing updating but without the correct installation and care it will eventually begin to deteriorate. If you're looking to invest in a new countertop for your bathroom and want to ensure your investment maintains its aesthetic and structural integrity for years to come, then read on.

The first step in making your bathroom countertop last is ensuring you are buying a quality product from a reputable supplier. Not only does the quality of the material used make a huge difference in how sustainable it will be, but the poor installation of the countertop will see it only last a few years before you encounter problems. It is also important to check reviews using both Google reviews and asking your prospective supplier and installer for recent examples of work they have carried out.

Once your bathroom counter is installed it is important to research the best method of cleaning it either by asking your supplier or researching online. Different materials require different levels of maintenance and cleaning, for instance, if you have a quartz counter you should only use water, a few drops of stone safe quartz surface cleaner and non-abrasive soft cloths to clean it. The wrong chemical cleaner or a rough cleaning pad can quickly begin to damage your surface, deteriorating the beautiful finish and loosening the bonds between polymers, resins, and minerals used to manufacture your worktop.

By ensuring you purchase a quality countertop with a reputable and professional installation company as well as keeping on top of maintenance with the appropriate cleaners you will find your bathroom counter will remain in great structural condition and look as a good as the day it was installed.

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