Preparing your kitchen for the second half of the year

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The autumn weather is slowly starting to creep in and already you may be putting your heating on as the days and nights get colder. Your kitchen is an area of the home that will always go through a major transformation in the second half of the year in both the way you use your space and the way it functions. Being one of the most frequently used and high traffic areas of any home it is important that you prepare your kitchen for the long winter days and nights to come!

Here we’ve compiled a list of some of the challenges you may face in the second half of the year and how adequately preparing your kitchen can help you through the seasons to come!


One of the most noticeable changes of the colder weather is the flooring getting colder, particularly in the morning and evening! There’s nothing worse than coming down early in the morning when its still dark outside and being greeted by a freezing kitchen flooring especially if you have tiled floors. Arguably the best method to counteract this is to have underfloor heating installed that can be timed to start heating your flooring before you wake up so that when you come downstairs for breakfast, the whole room is the perfect temperature.

Alternatively, if your budget doesn’t stretch to having an underfloor heating system installed, there are less costly methods such as using rugs across areas where you spend the most time and using draft snakes against doors that lead to colder or draughtier parts of your home. You can also stop drafts and heat loss by filling any holes and cracks between your baseboards, sealing your floorboards with caulk and installing or replacing the weatherstripping around your doors and windows. By making these seemingly small changes in your kitchen, you will start to notice a big difference.

More Time Indoors

The colder seasons always mean we spend more time indoors and with the kitchen being the heart of any home, families naturally gravitate to this space. If you often find yourself spending the majority of the second half of the year in your kitchen you may want to consider revamping your space. Everyone wants their home to reflect them and function in a way that best suits their needs on a daily basis, so why not expect this from your kitchen?

You may want a more dynamic kitchen which prioritises space and openness, something that installing a new granite or quartz countertop can bring. Perhaps you want clean fresh countertops wrapped around your space or you’re looking to create a kitchen island that the whole family can benefit from? Whatever you require from your kitchen, a new installation can help create the ideal space for you and your family in time for the cold winter months.

Here at Granite and Quartz Installations, we have more than 25 years’ experience in supplying and fitting affordable, high-quality kitchen worktops. All of our installations include anti-stain technology and come with a lifetime guarantee for your peace of mind.


Winter weather can pose a serious risk to your interior water pipes which is why inspecting and insulating your sink piping is so important. If the temperature drops below freezing your pipes are at risk of freezing up which is why on colder days and nights you may want to let your sink drip to keep the water running through the pipes. Equally keeping your sink cabinet open so that the warm air from your home can keep the pipes from getting too cold can be beneficial in protecting this area of your kitchen.

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