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The kitchen is the heart and hub of any home and with us spending more time indoors, it is a space that has become progressively more multifunctional. From cooking to catching up, home schooling to home working, the kitchen is a space that we are all spending more time in. As such, 2021 may be the year that you consider refreshing your kitchen and creating a space that can keep up with your busy daily life.

We all want a fresh start and updating such an integral space in your home can help set you up for a year focused on you and your family’s wellbeing. Here we will be looking at some of the newest kitchen trends that are set to be a big hit in 2021 and exploring ways in which you can completely transform the look and feel of your kitchen.

Hidden Handles

2021 is a year of minimalist simplicity which requires free flowing design concepts seen in handle less kitchen cabinets. Why not modernise your kitchen design by installing push open and close cabinet doors. These can be installed on both wall and base cabinets, helping to streamline and contemporise your kitchen space. Alternatively, recessed handles can be used to create the same sleek effect and can be customised to be lined with interesting materials or colours.

Mixed Materials

Mixing materials is all about finding kitchen elements which seamlessly complement and accentuates the best features of your space. Combining materials such as brass and steel taps, handles and light fixtures with dark timber and granite worktops for example is a great way to create a cosy but luxurious feel. By confidently blending natural and manmade materials you can create a space that is warm and welcoming with the wood elements but also modern with the sleek granite surfaces. Your kitchen will be both aesthetically pleasing but practical and harmonious for all the family to enjoy.

Dual Islands

Over the last few years there has been a distinct shift towards having larger kitchens and prioritising open plan spaces and it isn’t difficult to see why. With the kitchen being the most frequented room in the home, families need more space to live, eat and work in. As such the kitchen island has become an integral part of these kitchen designs. Dual islands is the latest innovation in kitchen island designs being an expansive addition that can benefit families who require space for home working, home schooling, cooking and more. Materials such as granite and quartz have become particularly popular choices for these islands with their durability, wide ranging aesthetic options and low maintenance they are the perfect choice for a busy home.

Dark surfaces

Darker colours are often overlooked when it comes to kitchen design, being used primarily as an accent colour. That being said, 2021 is flipping this trend on its head with dark cabinetry, walls and work surfaces being utilised in kitchens. The luxury feel of rich, dark colours is making a comeback this year, with dark granite countertops and black cabinets being complemented by natural wood, steel, and stone accents, offering a more rustic and even urban aura to your home. It may feel like a bold choice, but darker styled kitchens are extremely popular in creating luxury, modern homes that are practical for everyday life. White kitchens notoriously lay bare every mark and blemish in your kitchen whereas darker tones are much more forgiving, creating a more homely and less clinical atmosphere.

Calming Colour Schemes

If black isn’t the new black for you in 2021, fear not as calming more subtle colour schemes are back in fashion. There is a growing trend of using serene paint colours for walls and cabinetry to create a more relaxing atmosphere in your kitchen. Those looking for a zen room in their home to relax and focus on wellbeing are refreshing their kitchens with soft colours such as sage green, soft grey, and even pale pastel pink.

Two Tone

This new decade is all about mixing it up and making your kitchen whatever you want it to be. The trend of combining two different colours in kitchencabinets, kitchen counters and walls is set it to take off! For those looking to make their kitchen bright, bold, and interesting from the moment you walk in using colour is key! A two-colour approach can change the whole feel of a room which is why its best to explore different colours and tones to get the right fit. Deep and dark cabinets can be paired with bright, light coloured counters to create depth and character in your space but don’t stop there, play with other rich colours and textures to achieve the unique and eye-catching kitchen you dream of.

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