Should I choose a white worktop?

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Choosing the right worktop requires careful thought.

Whether it is for your kitchen or bathroom, a balance between function and style is foremost in your considerations.

The purpose of this piece is to explore the pros and cons of a white worktop.

Where is one most appropriate?

And how can you make it complement what you have already in your home?

Installing a white worktop in the kitchen

First, let’s discuss a white worktop in the kitchen.

More people in the UK are choosing one, and for good reasons.

Here are just a few:

Of course there are some cons too.

Before making a decision, you should consider:


Remember the optical trick about making a small space appear bigger? Well, if yours is large to begin with, then might your kitchen seem almost too spacious?

White kitchen worktops are extremely versatile, and can complement a variety of styles.

Perhaps the most obvious of those is the all-white space of a sleek, modern-looking kitchen in a contemporary household.

They also lend themselves to kitchens with a small splash of additional colour; white and the second shade accentuating each other to break up the space and framing the room.

An increasingly popular option is to combine white with wooden additions, creating a warmer and more traditional feel.

We feel confident that a white worktop can slot comfortably into most kitchen designs, bringing with it a finishing touch that is sure to please.


Opting for white worktops in a bathroom


A classic choice that has been a staple of bathroom design for decades, the popularity of white worktops shows no sign of waning.

They make a bathroom appear brighter and more inviting by reflecting as much light as possible.

A relaxed and neutral atmosphere a white worktop creates is perfect for a bathroom because it comfortably functions during busy morning rushes before slowing down in the evening.

Like in a kitchen, white makes a room look bigger, a valuable attribute for smaller space.

White granite or quartz worktops also benefit from being easy to wipe down, an useful feature in a bathroom that proves you do not have to choose function instead of style.

Finally, a bathroom worktop like a kitchen is in constant use and needs the same level of durability, which opens up more possibilities for material choices.


Naturally there are downsides to a white bathroom worktop.

They require more frequent maintenance and cleaning than darker tones because the accumulated debris associated with a bathroom will build up quickly and be visible.

The main draw of a white worktop is that it creates fresh and clean lines around which the bathroom can be framed. However, this stylistic choice is paid for in maintenance effort.

A silver lining is it is easier to spot when, and where, your bathroom needs cleaning.


Styles of white tops

White bathroom worktops present interesting possibilities when it comes to complementary styles.

The most obvious choice is traditional all-white ensemble.

While in a kitchen this would be considered as modern, in the bathroom it creates a soothing neutral space that facilitates a relaxing experience when you wind down after a long day.

For a modern twist, a two-tone approach can offset white while generating a pleasing contrast with darker surfaces.

Additionally, a white bathroom presents opportunities to experiment with patterns.

Simple or intricate details such as these require no additional maintenance, and can add flair and uniqueness to a space.

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Hopefully you have gained some clarity as to whether a white worktop is the right fit for you, whether in the kitchen or the bathroom.

We think it is a versatile choice that can be tailored to your home and personal preferences.

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