What are the most common myths about Granite worktops?

Granite and Quartz Installations Manchester, What are the most common myths about Granite worktops

Are you sick and tired of looking at the boring, out-dated 70s or 80s-style worktops in your kitchen? Are you longing for a new, smarter, stylish workstation?

You’ve been scrolling through home renovation magazines, Googling worktops, and you’re attracted to the amazing natural beauty of granite worktops. Coming from the quarries of Europe, Brazil and India, you love the idea that no two pieces are the same, and are dreaming of the Michelin-star meals you’re going to create. But you’ve seen a few things that have raised doubts in your mind, especially as granite isn’t a cheap material.

There is a lot of misinformation online about granite worktops. Here are some common myths that we’re only too happy to put right.

Myth 1: Granite Tops Are Difficult to Maintain

Granite worktops are very easy to maintain and require little cleaning.  Mild soap and water is often good enough to keep them sparkling, as the worktops resist dirt and spills when properly sealed.However, you do need to ensure you maintain a good seal on granite. You can test if your top needs sealing by pouring some water on it. If it beads, the seal is still working, but if it starts to soak in, then the top needs resealing. Tops should be sealed approximately once a year and the whole process takes around fifteen minutes.Make sure you wipe up spills quickly, because liquids that are left to soak in may leave a stain.

Myth 2: Granite Tops Will Go Out of Style

Having been around for thousands of years, granite worktops have a timeless beauty. Their style and sophistication ensure that they’ve been and will continue to be a classic choice for kitchens and will complement any current design trends.

Myth 3: Heat Will Cause Them to Crack and Chip

Granite is a natural product and is heat resistant. Therefore it can withstand the heat from hot pots and pans and spills of boiling water from the kettle without being damaged. However, continually putting hot pots on granite could eventually cause staining, so it’s worth using a stand for protection.

Myth 4: They’re Too Expensive

If you take the time to obtain quotes for other luxury kitchen worktop surfaces, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how competitively priced granite tops are. Their longevity also makes them a good value option.

Myth 5: Any Staining Is Permanent

Granite worktops will only stain if you spill something and don’t clean it up, letting it soak into the material. If this happens, you should remove the stain immediately with a poultice or paste that will draw out the liquid out from the stone. Granite is very beneficial in preventing bacteria, due to the tiny pores it contains and its quick-drying properties. Dryness creates a hostile environment for bacteria, as mildew requires a moist environment to survive. A certain amount of bacteria is everywhere, so if it still concerns you, use anti-bacterial soap for wiping down your worktops.With 25 years’ experience installing granite worktops, we offer nationwide fittings along with a lifetime guarantee. Contact Granite & Quartz Installations to find out more about our granite worktops and to receive a quote for your project.

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