Why igneous rock countertops are perfect for Christmas

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Christmas is a time of fun, festivities and most of all, family gathering which means you’ll want to prepare your home for guests as much as possible. The majority of Christmas is undoubtedly spent in the kitchen whether you are preparing food, serving guests or gathered with friends and family for drinks, it is the heart of the home. Igneous rock countertops such as granite are the perfect addition to your space to ensure you are ready for whatever the festive season throws your way.

Heat Resistant countertops

So what makes granite perfect for Christmas? Well firstly, if it is your turn to host Christmas dinner you will need all the space you can get and more importantly, you will need countertops that can meet your needs. Granite is extremely heat resistant and when properly sealed you can place hot pots and pans directly onto your countertops without worrying about it being burned or damaged. This undoubtedly makes granite countertops the perfect addition to your kitchen, ready for any and all cooking throughout the Christmas period.

Durable counters

If you are looking to replace your kitchen countertops or creating an entirely new countertop space or island installation, you will want something that will provide you with longevity. Whilst there are a range of cheaper alternatives on the market, they will endure a few years at most before showing very visible signs of wear and tear. Granite countertops on the other hand are extremely durable with granite having an impressive Moh’s hardness rating of 7, they are extremely difficult to crack, break or chip. If you are looking for a countertop material that is not just for Christmas but for many Christmas’ to come, igneous rock countertops are the ideal solution.

Easy to Maintain

At Christmas you kitchen is prone to taking quite a beating with drinks, food and more covering the countertops, there is bound to be spillages. As such, you’ll want to make sure that your counters are able to handle whatever the holiday season throws at it. Granite’s igneous nature means that it is naturally less porous than other sedimentary rocks such as limestone and travertine and so won’t be absorbed into the countertop. Once sealed you can ensure that whether it is mulled wine, gravy, bucks fizz or any other liquid, your countertop won’t stain or be damaged. Any spillages can be easily wiped away with a soft cloth and an everyday mild cleaner, meaning your Christmas can carry on without a hitch.

Hygienic counter tops

Now more than ever, we want our homes to be as safe and clean as possible to protect our family and friends. At Christmas when we have more people in our homes than ever, you will want to ensure that you keep every surface as hygienic as possible. The non-porous nature of sealed granite countertops does not allow bacteria, dirt and other substances to soak into the surface. Its smooth sealed exterior allows you to wipe clean anything with an antibacterial surface cleaner, keeping your home hygienic in time for Christmas.

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