Why we love granite (and you should too)

Granite and Quartz Installations Manchester, Why we love granite (and you should too)

All natural stone worktops are equally stunning but when it comes to granite, there is simply no competition. When looking for a natural stone worktop you aren’t simply searching for aesthetics, you want durability, sustainability amongst other beneficial attributes. Granite provides you with these and more, so, to better understand why we love granite and why you should too, keep reading!


Granite is one of the strongest natural stones making it extremely durable and a perfect fit for a kitchen or bathroom countertop. It is a worktop that will last you years without scratching, chipping or showing any signs of wear and tear. Being both heat and stain resistant you never have to worry about spilling your drink and it can even be used as a chopping board- if you’re willing to regularly sharpen your knives!


A good worktop should be easy to maintain, and granite is one of the easiest materials to care for. With proper installation and sealant, your granite worktop will be stain and spill resistant meaning you can simply use soap and water to clean it. Even tough stains that due to high pigmentation usually leave a mark won’t touch your granite due to its low absorption.


Unlike other countertops such as wood or glass, a granite worktop is a guaranteed investment. Although the initial cost of a granite worktop is more than materials such as laminate, in the long term they are much more cost effective.

Natural Beauty

As mentioned, one of the biggest draws to granite countertops is the naturally beautiful appearance. With every slab containing different patterns and colours it provides you with a gorgeous and unique piece for your home. A worktop can completely change the mood of a room, and a granite worktop in all its natural beauty is undeniably a luxurious addition to any space.

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