Can Quartz Worktops Increase the Value of Your Home?

Granite and Quartz Installations Manchester, Can Quartz Worktops Increase the Value of Your Home

Quartz is one of the most popular materials that can be used in designing kitchen or bathroom worktops. It’s an incredibly durable stone that has the added benefit of being aesthetic and available in many different styles and colours. These excellent qualities put quartz in high demand. Installing a quartz worktop in your bathroom or kitchen is a great way to not only improve the look and functionality of your house, but to also increase the value of your home.A quartz worktop is an investment that will easily pay for itself in the future, because this is a worktop that is guaranteed to last.

Quartz vs. Granite

The biggest question you face when installing a new kitchen or bathroom worktop is whether to use quartz or granite. These are the two most durable materials in use, and both have pros and cons.Quartz and granite are considered to be some of the strongest rocks in the world, and you’ll have durability and resilience with either option. Quartz though is more expensive in general, but that’s because the material is less porous than granite, it doesn’t require sealing and, in many respects, it’s easier to keep clean and is more hygienic.Ultimately, although it might cost more, quartz is a better, long-term investment. You might be paying out more money in the first instance for quality quartz to be installed, but if you want a return on your investment, then it’s quartz rather than granite that will offer a larger increase in the value of your home.


One of the main reasons why quartz can increase the value of your home is the aesthetic qualities it brings to your kitchen or bathroom. Compared to granite and other materials, quartz can be cut and produced to create beautiful, striking patterns and designs.There is a huge range of different designs available for use, ranging from simple, non-descript colours to dramatic, almost crystal-like patterns. These beautiful designs will add immensely to the overall look, feel and even atmosphere of your kitchen or bathroom, and this can certainly help to increase the value of your home.


Of course, if you want to improve the value of your home through the addition of quartz worktops in your kitchen and bathroom, you must ensure they are regularly maintained. Luckily, quartz is easy to look after and preserve, and it requires little work to keep it looking fabulous and gleaming. Minimal cleaning products are needed for its upkeep and, unlike traditional worktop materials, quartz doesn’t hold bacteria very well, making it an incredibly hygienic addition to a kitchen or bathroom.Being easy to maintain, you’ll find that quartz keeps its value and becomes an easy way to raise the overall value of your house. Once installed, keep it clean and a quartz worktop will provide an excellent return on investment.

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